I Want Eataly

There are Eataly locations across Italy and now in the US.  It is set up as a fine food store where you can buy, eat and take classes about Italian food.  In the larger locations they have multiple specialty restaurants that satisfy cravings of pizza, pasta, meat or fish. 

I had the opportunity to eat at the Torino, Bologna and NYC Eataly locations. I just can’t get enough!  Some of the most memorable meals that I have ever tasted have been at Eatly. It is truly inspirational!     

They has been talk about bringing Eataly to Toronto for several years now.  In the Fall of 2014 Mario Batali, part owner of Eataly in the US, indicated that Eataly will definitely be coming to Toronto but still no firm dates.  I can’t wait; maybe a trip to NYC will tide me over.