The Recipe for Success

Much to my surprise even the imported amaretti just don't compare to my mama's recipe.  Quite frankly, the amaretti from Italy have preservatives as the nuts go stale more quickly than the other ingredients.  A lot of amaretti that are available have almond flavouring. I just never understood the appeal of almond flavouring; it doesn't taste good.

The amaretti cookie was a family favourite growing up and a specialty of my mama.  She gave me the recipe that my nonna gave to her.  We decide that we would launch a cookie that tastes just like my mamas.

To offer a consistent cookie we had to my mama's recipe make modern day measures.  There was a lot of trial and error with weight, oven temperatures and family taste testing. We have developed an amaretti cookie like no other you will find in Canada.  Even those who don't like amaretti will like our Italian treat.