La Storia - The Story

The Creation of Passione Foods

Luisa Di Marcantonio the founder of Passione Foods, was born in Canada to Italian immigrants from the region of Abruzzo in Italy. Chefs for prominent leaders, royalty and even the pope are trained in Abruzzo's fine culinary schools. 

Proud of her Italian heritage, Luisa learned to bake and cook from her mama Annunziata and a convent she visited in Italy.  Her mama was an inspiration, she cooked everything from scratch including bread, cookies, desserts, pastas, gnocchi, ravioli, prosciutto and dried sausage.   Amaretti are a family favourite and a specialty of her mama.

The name “Il Convento” was selected because it embodies simple and real food that was made by the convent.  This inspirational “Villa Serena” convent is located in Signa, Italy in the Tuscany region.  It was run by Luisa's great aunt, a nun affectionately known as “Zia Suora”.  The meals at the convent were simple, yet spectacular.

Luisa spent several years as in leadership positions in the chocolate and wine industries.  Passion and perfection are at the heart of everything she does.  As an outlet for these creations, she founded the company “Passione Foods”; “Passione” means passion in Italian and she has a lot of it.  Luisa being a true Italian, always prepares too much food and she wants to share her love for it.