Original Recipe is Naturally Flourless and Gluten Free

There are as many recipes for an amaretti cookie in Italy as there are chefs; the recipe can vary by region, small town and even by family. Our amaretti cookie is authentic as it is our own family recipe. Even those who do not normally like amaretti will love our unique recipe. They have always been gluten free so no science experiment here. 

There are three simple ingredients in our amaretti: almonds, eggs and sugar - that is it.  The nut is our first ingredient and the most important.  They come from select California almonds and we roast the almonds ourselves to perfection.  The eggs come from free run hens that are humanely raised.   Our sugar is simply cane sugar; we do not use corn syrup, glucose or fructose.   It is this combination of real and natural ingredients that imparts all the delicious flavour.

The original recipe has always been gluten free.  Taste the passion, handcrafted quality, natural, real and simple ingredients.  We use no artificial preservatives, flavours, colours or whenever possible no GMOs.