Saturday March 30. 2019 @ 1pm ~ Burlington ONLY A FEW SPOTS

NEW CLASS Saturday May 4, 2019 @ 1pm ~ Burlington

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When you learn how EASY it is to make great fresh pasta at home; you will never buy it again. Using what Luisa learned from her mamma and a few tips she learned along the way, you will learn the step by step basics of making pasta.  

Be prepared to get your hands dirty as this is a HANDS-ON class.  We work together to make the pasta and a simple sauce. We will finish the class enjoying the prepared pasta.  All of this is done in a SMALL CLASS and dinner party setting.


~ Length: 3 to 4 hours

~ Learn how to make pasta with your hands from the flour and egg stage.

~ Watch how to make a simple sauce.

MEAL ~ 4 plus courses

~ antipasti {a selection of 2 Italian cheeses, 2 imported Italian deli meat, 2 types of crostini and more}

~ pasta with mamma’s recipe for a simple red sauce

~ an Italian salad with a shallot white balsamic dressing

~ Luisa’s authentic Tiramisu dessert, cookies and chocolate


~ an Italian cocktail

~ a glass of red or white wine

~ still or sparkling water

~ an Italian coffee (espresso or cappuccino)

Minimum of 4 people per class

Maximum of 6 people per class

$ 129.00 per person

$60 per child/teen under 16